Corolla Cross Hybrid

Two Side of The Finest

Elegant Look and Aggressive Performance. Both Yours with the All New Corolla Cross.

Automatic Power Back Door
Equipped with kick sensor feature to make it more convenient when loading into the trunk. (HV Type)

Power Moonroof
Providing sufficient lighting in the cabin to give a spacious feeling. (All Type)

18″ Alloy Wheel
New design with machining and dark grey chrome color providing a more urban look. (All Type)

Bold Front Grille Design
With double trapezoid shape on the grille to headlight the toughness element of the car. (All Type)

Sharp Headlamp Design
Enhancing the sleek yet premium look of the front part of the car. (HV Type)

Beaming LED Foglamp
Giving a solid visibility for a comfortable and safe driving experience. (All Type)


Indulge yourself in elegant yet comfortable interior in any journey with All New Corolla Cross.

Classy Interior Design
With elegant black color and silver chrome details placed meticulously to further enhance the luxurious feeling on the inside of the car. (All Type)

Comfortable Cabin Space
Designed and calculated flawlessly to give a decent leg room and high ceiling for an enjoyable driving experience. (All Type)

Multi-Purpose Head Unit
New 9″ Display with AM/FM Stereo, Bluetooth, Miracast, NFC and Voice Command.

Dual Zone With Auto Function
Convenient AC adjustment as the driver and passengers preferences. (All Type)

Elegant Steering Wheel Design
Embellished with silver chrome details to give more prestigious experience when commanding the road. (All Type)

Electric Power Seat
An easy 6-way position adjuster for the driver to aim for the best convenient position. (HV Type)

Illuminating Console
Not only providing a luxurious addition to the interior but also giving better visibility to the center console. (All Type)

Advanced Drive Mode
Enjoy the journey as you experience ECO, Sport or EV. (HV Type)

Detailed MID and Combi Meter Design
With digital MID for a more comprehensive outlook on the vehicle’s status. (HV Type)


The All-New Toyota Corolla Cross carries state-of-the-art safety technology and designed to help keep you alert and safe.

Emergency Brake Signal (EBS)
Giving a signal and alerting the driver to maintain a safe distance to avoid collision. (All Type)

Hill-Start Assist (HSA)
Prevents vehicle from rolling back on steep hills. (All Type)

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
Enhance driving stability during slippery road or cornering. (All Type)


Toyota’s mission in continuously making “Ever Better Cars”. The improved car’s core strength components enhance the vehicle’s performance and emphasize car personality that accentuates every model unique features.


  • New Suspension
    Optimization of wheel motion gives better steering responsiveness and a more comfortable ride.
  • Low Center of Gravity
    Ensure precise handling and agility to facilitate comfort ride experiences.

Reduce flexing movements to deliver a stable driving experience in any road conditions.

Comfortable driving moments created by the excellent visibility, broad space, and openness feeling.

Drive With Compassion
The Advanced Driving Experience of Toyota Hybrid System greets the future with excellent advantages.

  • Feel the Serenity
    Feel the sensation of battery-powered soundless driving experience right from the start
  • Drive Further
    Embrace the fuel efficiency through advanced Hybrid Synergy Drive that allows you to go further.
  • Toward a Greater Future
    Drive the environmentally friendly vehicle for a greener earth and a better future.
  • Overcome Every Journey
    Hybrid engine and battery power work seamlessly to enhance a smooth driving experience and maximum performance to let you conquer every journey.

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