New Vellfire
Top Class Comfort For Top Class Journey

Beyond Exterior

New Vellfire lets you travel in comfort with enhanced support performance and arrive at your destination in top form.

Highlight Features

Impressive Front Lower Bumper. With a more sporty front lower bumper to give a powerful yet premium look. (2.5 G Type)

Dynamic Side Skirt. An additional design on the side skirt for more active exterior feeling. (2.5 G Type)

Sleek Rear Bumper & Fog Lamp. A simple rear bumper and fog lamp design to give a more effortless elegance vibe. (2.5 G Type)

Power Backdoor. Convenient feature to open and close the backdoor automatically. (2.5 X & 2.5 G Types)


Beyond Interior
Crafted with perfection for serenity and luxurious driving experience. New Vellfire brings you first class uncompromised comfort with luxury and magnificent interior details.

Highlight Features

Luxurious Interior Design. Meticulously designed with all cutting edge features and marble finishing for a comfortable and premium feel in the cabin. (Vellfire 2.5 G Type)

Multifunctional Audio Head Unit. A premium 9 inch screen with high definition and phone mirroring feature. (2.5 X & 2.5 G Type)

Speedometer Ring. With additional red light ring to give a more high end feel to the MID (2.5 G Type)

Steering Switch. Control the audio and MID at your fingertips. (All Type)

Color Ceiling Illumination. 16 different colors that offer a suitable atmosphere in the cabin. (2.5 G & 3.5 Q Types)

Spacious Luggage Space. Large trunk space to accommodate all of your stuffs. (2.5 G Type)

Rear Seat Entertainment. A cutting-edge vast and slim 13-inch LCD monitor with HDMI connection and phone mirroring. (2.5 X & 2.5 G Types)

Foldable Center Table. A convenient way to stow your belongings. (2.5 X & 2.5 G Type)

Sunshade. Sunshade at 2nd & 3rd row (4 windows) keep the royal journey feels comfort, safety and private. (2.5 G & 3.5 Q Types)

USB Port on Center Console. Now accessible to every passenger of the car, giving maximum convenience. (2.5 X & 2.5 G Types)


Beyond Safety
Maximum protection to ensure delightful journey for all passengers. Toyota Safety Sense ensure the safety of all passengers, giving each and every individual a comfort ride.

Highlight Features

Safety Sense. PCS (Pre Collision System). Integrated camera and radar system that help to reduce crash risk and damage in a frontal collision. (All Type)

Adaptive Cruise Control. Detects a preceding vehicle and follow within a safe distance, therefore reducing the fatigue of long driving. (All Type)

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control. Support and assist the driver in avoiding unintended lane departure, with visual and audible alert plus slight steering force. (All Type)

AHB (Automatic High Beam). AHB (Automatic High Beam) During a dark condition, the headlamp will automatically switch on to provide better vision for the driver. (All Type)

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM). The Blind Spot Monitor identifies every object on the vehicle blind spot area using radar technology. (All Type)

Digital Rear View Mirror. (All Type)

Tire Pressure Monitoring System. (All Type)

Intelligent Clearance Sonar. Eight ultrasonic sensors located in the front and rear side to identify vehicles and all static objects nearby that could cause a potential collision. (All Type)


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