Embarking a New Chapter Ahead


New chapter in style.

Exquisite Fastback Design
Long wheelbase & large diameter tires placed at the corners, creating a voluminous powerful-looking. With the addition of a slanted rear silhouette, enhancing a sleek cabin look.

Bold Front Bumper and Grille
Create an impressive presence with the elegant design.

Impressive Headlamp
Make a daring statement with the LED Light Guide and Daytime Running Lights (DRL) headlamp.

Striking LED Rear Combination Lamp
Integrated combination lamp with LED Light Guide and sequential turning lamp.

Stunning 17-Inch Machining Alloy Wheel
A larger diameter tire that allows you to have a more comfortable driving experience.

Longer Bonnet
Emitting the feels of an elegant sedan.

6 Light Windows
Creating an elongated cabin feeling and a powerful body design.


Statement of comfort.

9″ Floating Audio Head Unit With Smartphone Connectivity
Stay seamlessly connected through multimedia system equipped with Radio, USB, and Bluetooth.

Seamless 7-Inch TFT & Digital LED MID
The advanced technology with an integrated interface provides the car information supported with 4 MID patterns. (G & G TSS Type Only).

Air Purifier
Generate negative ion to improve air quality in the cabin, elevating your driving experience quality.

Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel
Makes driving more comfortable with the advanced adjustable steering wheel. (G & G TSS Type Only)

Rear Parking Camera
Enhanced visibility of your surroundings while parking which helps to prevent collision. (G & G TSS Type Only)

High Grade Comfort Edge
With soft pads on the knee pad, door armrest, and center armrest. (G & G TSS Type Only)

Electric Parking Brake
The progressive technology that brings safer, easier, and smarter brake. (G & G TSS Type Only)

Well-Tailored Floormat
Specially crafted floormat with a Vios logo which is exclusively embroidered for you.

Powerful yet Elegant Dashboard
Drive with no hussle with the powerful driver-oriented design, vast visibility from inside with focus on meter for encompassing feeling.

Stylish Dashboard
Well-tailored design to create an exciting, powerful, yet stylish looks. Equipped with various advanced features to enhance your driving experience.


Ensure safety by enduring impacts to minimize the chance of injury.

Adaptive Cruise Control
Detects a preceding vehicle and follow within a safe distance, therefore reducing the fatigue of long driving. (G TSS Type Only)

Pre-Collision Warning & Pre-Collision Braking
Integrated camera and radar system that help to reduce crash risk and damage in a frontal collision. (G TSS Type Only)

Front Departure Alert
Alert driver with sound when preceding vehicle moving on traffic. (G TSS Type Only)

Lane Departure Warning & Lane Departure Prevention
Support and assist the driver in avoiding unintended lane departure, with visual and audible alert plus steering assist.(G TSS Type Only)

Pedal Misoperation Control
Preventing front collision when parking from accidentally punching the gas instead of the brake. (G TSS Type Only)

Automatic High Beam (AHB)
Detect headlights and taillings of the vehicle in front and gives earlier detection of pedestrians or obstacles, then adjust the lamp and direction automatically when the button is switched on. (G TSS Type Only)

6 SRS Airbags
Surrounded with 6 SRS airbags to reduce impacts and provide every passenger’s safety and comfort even at crucial moments. (G TSS Type Only)

Blind Spot Monitoring
Informs you from the side mirror graphic signal if there’s any other vehicle in the blind spot area. (G & G TSS Type Only)

Brake Assist
Improves braking performance in emergency situations. (G TSS Type Only)

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
Detects a preceding vehicle behind. (G & G TSS Type Only)

Traction Control
Helps enhance grip in slippery or low traction road conditions, resulting in better vehicle acceleration and greater stability when cornering.

Vehicle Stability Control
Maintaining the vehicle stability when doing a sharp turn to avoid over or understeering.

Hill Start Assist
Preventing vehicle to slip backward on an uphill road.


Toyota Vios gives comfort while driving and provides high performance with more power.

Powerful Gasoline Engine
With the new gasoline engine, the Toyota Vios gives comfort while driving and provides high performance with more power, but still grants fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Eco/Power Drive Mode
Express your desire for a better experience with the adjustable driving mode. Go fearlessly in Power Drive Mode and be confident in the efficiency of Eco Mode. (G & G TSS Type Only)


An integrated solution that you can access through mToyota application. Giving you comfort, providing peace of mind, and always get connected to your car.

Find My Car
Accurately know where the vehicle is parked to provide you feeling of safety and convenience. (G & G TSS Type Only)

Giving alert if your vehicle is outside the authorized zone to ensure your security at all times. (G & G TSS Type Only)

E-Care (Maintenance)
A reminder to you for periodic vehicle maintenance to make your vehicle always in the best performance. (G & G TSS Type Only)

Inquiry & Support Center
Direct Assistance from Toyota Call Center to solve your problems. Give you more ability to keep moving forward. (G & G TSS Type Only)

Trip Driving Update
Record all vehicle journeys include distance and duration to support your vehicle always at the outstanding performance. (G & G TSS Type Only)

Road Assistance
Provide an SOS button if you get in an accident. You will be assisted by the Toyota Call Center to be directed to the Emergency Road Assistance (ERA) provider to make you feel safer while driving. (G & G TSS Type Only)


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